There is no ocean, John. There is nothing beyond the city. The only place home exists… is in your head

You can go there even though it doesn’t exist

You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo

There is not one universe. There are many: A multiverse

Jake! Listen to me! You’re not used to your avatar body. This is dangerous!

Come back to reality, Dom

What is reality? Reality is illusion? Are we real? Is money real?  Do we only live once? Are we awaken or dreaming? 

Are we director of our own movie in life? Fact or fiction?

(I believe we are merely mental projection of our own thinking whether aware or unaware which form our fate. But we can change our wheel of destiny from bottom to top by imagine clearly what we want in life & be grateful that we shall receive them with unshaken faith, as inspiration for action).


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